Gregg Miller

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It all started with

his family singing in the car on road trips ...

Gregg was born in 1950 just down the road in San Marcos, Texas and has called Austin home since ’54, give or take only a few years. His first love for music came from his family always singing in the car on road trips to his grandparents and from his father playing piano. Along with the Big Band style of dance music his parents listened to, he grew up with what his older brother and sister were tuned into on the radio, plus hearing Western Swing out at the Camp Ben McCulloch Reunion every summer by the Texas Top Hands.

With family moving around a bit during his high school years, he taught himself to play on his brother’s guitar, and was given a guitar by his sister for graduation.

Being in Austin when a lot of the music scene started in Austin he was influenced early on by the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Murphey, Gordon Lightfoot, Willis Alan Ramsey, B.W. Stevenson, etc. and later by Walter Hyatt (Uncle Walt’s band), Lyle Lovett, Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) and many more …

In his early 20s after playing and singing at a benefit, he was asked by Agnes Curry, Director of Music at Huston Tillotson college to join her band Angie and the Sophisticats, playing a regular Friday and Saturday night gig that lasted for a few months. From there, he got a short lived gig playing in a restaurant bar and then gave it up to raise a family.

Moving forward a couple of decades, he started back singing and playing in a co-worker’s garage band that played a few gigs. He then became interested in writing his own songs and joined up with the Austin Songwriters Group (ASG). A recent retiree, Gregg now has the pleasure of spending his time songwriting, singing and playing his songs around Austin.

... and here we are.

Coming soon …

Special thanks to the players who helped make this happen!

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